2 Flexi rods and Finger combing Hair Style

This is the 26th day of my weave, still going strong.  The only con is that like any hair that has been dip dyed or dyed; there was a slight color fade onto my white shirt.  When washed, a little bit of the color ran off in the shower and I had to put some Argan oil on the ends to keep it from getting dry but other than that, I am loving this hair!  I love the wave pattern, I love the light weight and natural feel.

Using 150 grams of body wave Brazilian human hair.
Thin weave.
I got this hair from my Agent, but you may be able to get it anywhere else you see it on the market.

About the reviewer:
Denyce is the owner and manufacturer at MyLuxury1st Hair Extensions. A small USA business specializing in modern hair extension techniques such as Clipins, Fusion tips, Microloops, Tape hair, Clip in bangs, Ponytails, and Double wefted weaves.

She created this business for herself.  She handmakes all of her items, chooses and cuts wefts, sews tracks so that they are double wefted and markets at low prices available in the USA for ladies all over to try.


MaidenForm Self Expressions Body Corsage Underwire Bra | Review

Bought at JcPenny


Rating 1-5: 1 because of the mark it leaves after wearing

After sleeping in this bra a few times, I noticed marks, like; where the underwire is, on the sides of the breast.  This is a turn off because the bra cost to have to experience this and not want to wear it anymore.  Other than that, the bra would have been fine.  At least I think so…

This review is part 1 of a 5 product review I did.
The dress I’m holding at the end can be seen on my Instagram @myluxury1st





Sea Breeze Original Formula Astringent | product review

http://www.seabreezeclean.com 1-800-487-7273
It says it’s for normal skin which is what I thought I had. My skin isn’t super oily, but I do like to keep it clean! I tried this toner/astringent and for me it is too strong. I would suggest getting the sensitive formula. I do think it works well though under the arms to get all the deodorant and excess dirt off. Try it and tell me how you liked it! If you have a toner/astringent you love to use, suggest it below.

Thanks for watching/reading!

Brand Owner|Manufacturer
For PR Contact: MyLuxury1st@Publicist.comSea Breeze Astringent product review

Black & White Cross leggings with see-through windows

Black & White Cross leggings with see-through windows

Here is a picture of my black and white cross leggings. I bought them from #CharlotteRusse. I have been seeing lots of clothing with the crosses and did not want to fall into the trap but when I saw these with the see through, pantyhose-like; cut-outs! I had to get them! Also, I love how my tattoo shows through one of the cut-outs…so yeh! Here is the pic. What do you think?

Denyce | Expert Hair Extensionist | Entrepreneur | Manufacturer

Say bye bye to tangled matted hair extensions!


Great way to bring your hair extensions back to life and steps on how to detangle!

Originally posted on chrisjoeeee:

So, it’s no secret that a lot of people wear hair extensions now. Whether they’re clip ins, sew in, micro fusion, a lot of us wear hair extensions; and a known problem with women and their hair extensions is that they get dry, tangled and matted. However i have found a solution to resolving this epidemic, You just have to put effort and time into your hair for a little while in order for it to be healthy.


So here i have a picture of one of my clip ins, and as you can see they are dry, look tangly and matted especially at the ends. What i’m about to show you will bring them life and moisture.


Pretty much all you’ll need is your favorite shampoo, your favorite, conditioner , preferably a deep conditioner, and your favorite detangler. I also have hangers here for obvious reasons which we’ll see…

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Micro loop or Microlink Hair Extensions Self Installation explanation by CL2425

These hair extensions can be referred to as many different names, but they are all pretty much the same.  Sometimes called Microloop, Microlink, Easy loop, Remy loop, Micro loop with bead, Micro bead with loop, or even Cold Fusion.  They are strands that are installed without heat.  Hair extensions that can appear seamlessly natural if installed correctly.  Below is a video from CL2425 on Youtube with her detailed opinion and review of her self installation.  Check it out!

Courtesy of:  CL2425

For more information from the reviewer, click here to go to her YouTube video and channel.

About the Author:

Denyce is an Expert Hair Extensionist & Manufacturer @ Myluxury1st.com; which specializes in 100% real human hair extension systems made in the USA.  She has a degree in Business Administration and has been working in the Small Business Manufacturing industry since 2008.  If you would like to connect with her check out www.MyLuxury1st.com

HP Deskjet 1512 and HP Combo-pack 61 Black 61 Tri-color INK ripoff and review

Hi!  Let me introduce myself.  I’m Denyce and I’ll be reviewing a couple HP products I purchased myself.

My main review is of the Ink.

I purchased the HP Deskjet 1512 Printer at Walmart for around 60.00 when my HP Officejet Pro 8600 went out after only having it for under a year.  So I didn’t want to spend a few hundreds.  I work from home and I print everyday, so I will always need a printer for work purposes.

After doing some research online, I chose this HP Deskjet 1512 Printer because a few reviewers had said that if you’re going to be printing a lot, to buy the cheaper printer because the ink is cheapest to refill.  This was great since my experience with the previous printer, I had already known that you constantly will have to refill ink or purchase new cartridges and I wanted to get away from doing that so much.

I believe I made a mistake.  I purchased the Printer the week of the 20th.  Most printers come with some ink already inside just to start you off. At the same time I had purchased the an ink combo.  Which was $33.97 at Walmart.

On 10/28/2013 the ink was already gone!  So I went to OfficeMax and purchased another combo at 33.99. 

On 11/2/013 the ink was gone again! I purchased another combo, this time at Walmart for 33.97.

So within 2-3 weeks, I have already spent 101.93 on ink, and refilled it 3x.  So basically I am looking at 33.97-33.99 every 4-5 days.  Which is totally ridiculous!

Upon inspecting the cartridges, I found that they do not come filled all the way up.  So this is a total rip off for consumers.  I thought HP was reputable.  I’m having 2nd and 3rd doubts.  Also for the previous printer, I was spending even more money which the ink is about 20.00 per color and you need the 3 colors to print, plus the black which is about another 25.00.  You save a few dollars by buying the complete combo packs but even then, still a rip off.  I begin refilling that one myself and when the printer went totally out, I would not be in warranty because of refilling it myself which is why I bought the 2nd HP.

Just wanted to give some insight on how much a scam this is.  I probably print less than 60 sheets a day.

The ink box has a website you can check to check for ink volume and page yield information.  http://www.hp.com/go/learnaboutsupplies  [Page yield is the number of pages a user can print with a given printer and cartridge, based on certain assumptions.]

Credit to the site link above.

You can click the link to get information if you have not already done so but I’m sure it is a bunch of mumbo jumbo to you especially if you are spending so much in ink, you don’t want to read it.  I did call HP as well and of course they had a representative who barely communicated well and just gave me automated-like answers.  I am furious to tell you the truth.  I run a very small business and really I am not a pc or printer tech.  I just want something inexpensive & efficient enough to get small print jobs done.  I do not print as many papers a day.  In 4 days less that 250 sheets as in estimate.

I did notice when filling up my own ink with the previous printer it did last much longer than going and buying new ink but with this new printer, I have not researched how to refill and in about 4 more days, I will be spending another 33. something on ink which is very annoying.

Thanks for reading, comment and suggestions are greatly appreciated and I have also recorded a video you may take a look at.  I hope this will help someone else to not have to spend a super amount of money constantly on ink.