Get sample sized soap and cosmetic pigments for your handmade projects!


Adelanto, CA, July 1, 2015 — MyLuxury1st™ has launched a custom #1 lot of 11 pigments for sampling purposes which include Matte Iron oxides and Ultramarines such as Black, Titanium Dioxide, Brown, Brick Red, Mustard Yellow, Green, Blue, Lavender, Orchid, and Purple Violet but that are not limited to Micas, Glitters, Solid and Liquid colorants for Soap and Cosmetic making formulations upon request. Customers are welcome to testing sample sized interlock baggie pigments that are non-bleeding, do not morph and are water soluble. The owner; Denyce @MyLuxury1st™ vendors and distributes sample sized pigment colorants in 1g, 2g, 3g, and 4 gram sample sizes daily with bigger or more quantity available if needed.MyLuxury1st™ will distribute more Soap and Cosmetic colorants as prototypes for demonstration and test batching for its current and future customers. Their luxury first with these sample sizes that are administered for Melt and Pour, Cold Process, and Hot Process soap making along with personal handmade products such as eye shadows, foundations, blushes, concealers, shower gels, and cosmetics of handmade nature made by arts and crafters. Available immediately for test batching specific colorants before buying in bulk from leading brands.

MyLuxury1st™ is a registered Trademark and has obtained a warehouse in Southern, CA that stores all inventory from hair, pigments, colorants, and even clothes from its online consignment shop. Based exclusively online; customers are can request or choose sample pigments and hair, and even restock or house their items in the MyLuxury1st™ fulfillment center for distribution.

MyLuxury1st™ is a #1 staple in supplying customers nationwide and a great source with a wide range of sample colorants and pigments for handmade soap and cosmetic needs. MyLuxury1st™is the first to offer low increment sampling servicesin sizes 1g, 2g, 3g, and 4 gram online. Samples are always available upon request and can also be custom made and ready in stock.

How online Clip in bangs look on the other side

Published on Dec 30, 2014… These Clip in bangs are a quick change in hairstyle when you don’t feel like fussing with your natural bangs or want to go for a quick celebrity look! Clip them on and off whenever you want!

About: These clip-in bangs were handmade, inspired by all the fringes that are popular with celebrities. Made by Denyce of MyLuxury1st, an American hair extensions company in the USA

Frequent Questions and Answers:
Are these easy to attach? Yes
Do I have to get these installed at the salon? No, you can do these yourself at home.
Can I add more clips? Yes, if you would like
Do you ship international? Yes.

For inquires contact:

24″ U tip Hair Extensions double drawn strands  24″ Remy U tip human hair extensions.  Double Drawn; so length is actually about 23-24″ long, give or take, and is true to length, which means most of the strands are all of the same length as described, hand drawn by Denyce of MyLuxury1st, hand made in the USA

About:  Denyce is an American Entrepreneur, Self-made Manufacturer, and Online content Creator showcasing her quick Show & Tells by introducing her Short Vid featuring her Product of the Day.

For more information visit:

or contact:

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions:

What are these?  Nail tip hair extensions
How long are these hair extensions?  23-24″ long
Are they real human hair?  Yes
When will these ship?  Within 6-10 business days
Can I dye these darker?  Yes you can.  Although dying hair does damage any hair, especially hair extensions, slightly, but as long as you take care of them, they should be okay.  Customers usually dye their hair extensions with no problems if they are real human hair.

Ombre hair is not 100% Virgin hair


25% Virgin human hair can be seen at the top where the weft starts. It has been dip-dyed to an Auburn, Burgundy type color and then to a Dark Blond at the bottom. It is NOT 100% virgin human hair; it is only about 25% virgin because 75% of the hair has been processed to achieve the color seen in this video.

About the Content and Creator:
This content is narrated by Denyce, an American Entrepreneur, Self-made Manufacturer, and Online Content Creator. She is sharing a quick visual show and tell stating how this hair is not all 100% Virgin human hair because it has clearly been dip dyed and processed. Some Chinese sellers are stating 100% Virgin hair when the hair is not. If you do not know this, then you have been fooled.

For more information contact:

What is Virgin hair?
Hair that has not been dyed, colored, or processed.

What is dip-dyed hair?
Hair that has been dipped about half way, and or bleached, then dyed to achieve the colored you are viewing now.

What is an Ultrasonic hair machine?


Published on Dec 10, 2014

Today I am showing you my white Ultrasonic Cold Fusion hair extensions machine. This is my Show and Tell. I am explaining and showing what the machine looks like and how it is used for those of you who may have been wondering or wanting to see a better visual other than the pictures that are online.

About this Content & Creator:
Denyce is narrating this Show and Tell video visual for you. She is an American Entrepreneur, Self-made Manufacturer, and Online Content Creator.

Where can I get an Ultrasonic Fusion hair extensions machine?
You can get this machine here: or

What is a keratin iron?
A hair tool that fuses strand by strand hair extensions.

What is an Ultrasonic hair machine?
An Ultrasonic hair machine is a hair tool which fuses hair extensions to regular hair with little to no heat.

What is an Ultrasonic hair extensions machine used for?
To connect cold fusion hair extension bonds.

What is cold fusion?
Hair extensions attached strand by strand without using heat.

Any other questions or inquires may be directed to:

Bleach Blonde human hair extension on double wefted track


Here, you can see standard length, European Remy human hair in processed Bleach Blonde. Single drawn, cuticle aligned, and double wefted.

About this Content/Creator:
Product of the day is the Bleach Blonde human hair extension on double weft, which is European origin, and Remy grade. This hair can be used as bulk and made into I or U tips, can can be sewed or glued in as well. This hair is processed by the company MyLuxury1st

What is Remy hair?
What is Standard Length hair?
What is hair weft?
How does hair weft look?
What is track hair?
What is cuticle Remy?
What is Remy hair?
What is double weft?
What is double wefted hair?
Show & Tell

These are Strawberry Blonde micro mini Tape extensions, not as wide as usual 10 pieces

10 Pieces Mini Tape in hair extensions in Strawberry Blonde.  They are straight but have a slight wave pattern.  These are micro mini Tape extensions, as they are not as wide as usual.  They are about half an inch wide per piece which makes them more flexible.

About the Content Creator:
Denyce specializes and hand makes these Mini tape in hair extensions along with other modern hair extension methods.  These mini tape ins are very flexible and seamless which make them a great extension for anyone looking for a semi permanent flexibility.