My review on Bloggers who are contacting companies for free items! Who do they think they are fooling?

Ok.  I just want to start off by saying that I am in no way trying to put anyone down and all of these are just my true and honest feelings.  Hopefully people will understand and not take it the wrong way and think I am a stuck up, or nasty b****.  But its 2013.  I’m just being real.  Business owner or not, I’m still human.

I have been contacted by so many bloggers about reviewing my products, every since I opened for business online.  At first I was skeptical because it seemed like they were only out to get free items.  I would reply back and let them know that they were more than welcomed to purchase an item for review.  They would never reply back.  As I feel like a real review, would be better and more factual, if they spent their hard earned money on one of my products that they claim they want to try; than me giving them something free to review.  If I approach you, then that’s different.  I am the company, then you can decide whether you want to work with me or not.  But when bloggers approach every single company with what looks like a copy and paste of a message…! It gets annoying!  I don’t know about other companies but it bothers me.  I work hard for my little money and I am a very small company.  I don’t have 80-120.00 to pay someone to write a blog.  I’m sorry.  The hair I sell, I make and buy all my own supplies.  So it cost me, time, production, packaging, shipping, and more.  I don’t think these bloggers think or care about that when they are asking for free items.  I work hard and I feel like that should be acknowledged.  I offer to send them samples or streaks, they write me back asking for a full head of hair!  I don’t think they can be serious!  Excuse me!  But you want me to send you a 100.00+ item, so that you can review it and have your hair done at the same time.  Most of the bloggers that have contacted me don’t even have a lot of subscribers.  And those can be bought anyway so who do they think they are fooling?  I have worked with a few bloggers or YouTube reviewers who accepted my samples and did their part of doing the review; which was great.  Although I’m not sure if I received any business from them; some of them were not professional, camera quality was whack [just being real] or they fumbled when they talked and so one.  Only a couple bloggers/YT reviewers that I liked and we are still in contact; keeping in touch… but back to bloggers trying to get over… I’m guessing samples are not enough, as some of them are writing and letting me know how other companies are giving and offering them a full head.  These bloggers are asking me how they can review a sample?  One blogger went so far as to say her stylist said she needs this amount of hair… like really?  Your stylist, so you want me to send you free hair, and the other companies too, because I know you are not going to turn them down.  And what are you going to say?  That we are have good hair…, you forget to mention how you wrote us and asked and or begged for it.  I have had blogger beg for hair, and tell me they have cancer and their mom is sick and all types of stories.  Its like really?  I don’t mind helping people out but I’m not rich at all.  Like I said, I sell high quality hair, I don’t over charge considering the time I put into my work and the money I spend on the hair to make my paying customers feel good about their purchase.  I’m just not in the market to give out free items to bloggers who have less than 5000 subbies and are just sitting by the mailbox waiting on their free items from 10 companies.  No wonder it takes them 5 weeks to complete reviews.  Too busy getting everything for free.  Not paying any taxes.  And always saying how they are not paid for the review and how they will give their honest opinion.  You don’t call receiving a full head weave PAID?

I’m done.  I don’t mind sending out samples, but if I sent out full heads to everyone who asked, what would I be really doing?  I just think other companies need to know what they are dealing with.  Some companies probably don’t care as I have even had hair companies contact me and ask me to review their product or to resell it.  No thank you.  Sorry.  No offense to the hard working, real bloggers out there, because I know there are some and some real hod 2uality articles and content out there. But just know that I am hip to the game and please do not get offended if I do not supply you.  Wait, maybe they won’t ask me anymore now…oh well.  I think my customers are the ones who really appreciate me because they work hard for their money just like I do and they know the quality and time it takes to put into something.  Not saying that all bloggers are scammers, but just to watch out; because some of them are making a living out of this and then turning around and selling the free items.  This is not right.  And then you ask the same type companies for products so you are being supplied triple time!  I’m not saying that getting free stuff isn’t good, but pick something from around your house to review.  I’m sure you can find a toaster, or a pencil, or even some toilet tissue, that you bought to review.  And please stop sending the same email to all companies. At least try to make it personable.  If blog reviewing is truly your passion and you want to contact companies  and have a good relationship, and you claim you like what I’m doing and the other companies, if I offered you a piece of paper, with an invoice number on it, you should be blog reviewing about it.  Because that is your passion and what you like to do.  How dare you be picky on some free items.  Really?  That’s why I think if you spend your own money, the review will be REAL!

I’m really done. Image


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