How important is feedback from buyers? The impact of selling online.

What many buyers do not know or think about is how sellers work hard to keep selling online.  Sellers have to uphold a certain value and need to be passionate in what they do in order to succeed.  Not all buyers and their sellers are going to get along but I feel it is the duty of the seller to do whatever they can to work it out with their buyer.

Sometimes buyers may leave a negative feedback for sellers and this can really effect a seller if they are a small business and don’t get a lot of sales, or even if they are receiving sales but do not receive feedback from all of their buyers.  

Sometimes buyers do not leave feedback at all. Leaving feedback is a main thing that needs to be done for sellers so that way if their is an area they are slacking on, they can improve. A seller may not know they are doing wrong if it is never brought to their attention. On the other hand when a seller is trying to do everything they can for the buyer and the buyer can not be pleased no matter what, this is where a problem can come in because a buyer on most selling sites may leave a feedback for a seller but a seller is unable to leave feedback for buyers.

When buyers leave negative feedback’s with out contacting the seller first to work it out, this become a problem for the seller and some buyers know this with the intention of doing wrong.  Always try to work it out.  We are all human, we all make mistakes.  Try to give someone the benefits of the doubt.  We all have lives outside of selling and buying online.  Work with each other to achieve the respect that we all deserve.


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