If you can’t grow it or don’t have it, buy it! Long hair, don’t care!

Hair Extensionist says: “If you can’t grow it or don’t have it, buy it!  Long hair, don’t care!”

Denyce of MyLuxury1st hand makes 6 methods of hair extensions all on her own & launches http://www.MyLuxury1st.com

Southern, CA June 2013 -MyLuxury1st announced the national availability of all products hand made by Denyce, an Expert Hair Extensionist, Brand Ambassador, and Small business owner of online ecommerce shop:  http://www.myluxury1st.com

Young & mature woman not only want to feel good for themselves, but they want to look good for others.  Women love compliments, whether they share this fact or not, and having luxurious hair and style can go a long way.  “If you can’t grow it or don’t have it, buy it! Long hair, don’t care!”

“I decided to start hand making and creating affordable luxury hair extensions for women all

over the world based on my own experiences; not being able to find quality hair extensions

at an affordable or decent price” said Denise, Hair Extensionist & owner of MyLuxury1st.


About the owner:

Denyce works closely with her customers to find a hair extension solution to meet all needs.

Some items are pre-patterned, while others can be customized.

Her store is also featured on Amazon.com/Shops/MyLuxury1st with over 2200 items readily available; and also at Sears.com

Follow her on Facebook.com/Luxury1st & as well as her YouTube channel: MrsD3nise



Contact: Denise





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