Say bye bye to tangled matted hair extensions!

Great way to bring your hair extensions back to life and steps on how to detangle!


So, it’s no secret that a lot of people wear hair extensions now. Whether they’re clip ins, sew in, micro fusion, a lot of us wear hair extensions; and a known problem with women and their hair extensions is that they get dry, tangled and matted. However i have found a solution to resolving this epidemic, You just have to put effort and time into your hair for a little while in order for it to be healthy.


So here i have a picture of one of my clip ins, and as you can see they are dry, look tangly and matted especially at the ends. What i’m about to show you will bring them life and moisture.


Pretty much all you’ll need is your favorite shampoo, your favorite, conditioner , preferably a deep conditioner, and your favorite detangler. I also have hangers here for obvious reasons which we’ll see…

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