2 Flexi rods and Finger combing Hair Style

This is the 26th day of my weave, still going strong.  The only con is that like any hair that has been dip dyed or dyed; there was a slight color fade onto my white shirt.  When washed, a little bit of the color ran off in the shower and I had to put some Argan oil on the ends to keep it from getting dry but other than that, I am loving this hair!  I love the wave pattern, I love the light weight and natural feel.

Using 150 grams of body wave Brazilian human hair.
Thin weave.
I got this hair from my Agent, but you may be able to get it anywhere else you see it on the market.

About the reviewer:
Denyce is the owner and manufacturer at MyLuxury1st Hair Extensions. A small USA business specializing in modern hair extension techniques such as Clipins, Fusion tips, Microloops, Tape hair, Clip in bangs, Ponytails, and Double wefted weaves.

She created this business for herself.  She handmakes all of her items, chooses and cuts wefts, sews tracks so that they are double wefted and markets at low prices available in the USA for ladies all over to try.



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