What is an Ultrasonic hair machine?


Published on Dec 10, 2014

Today I am showing you my white Ultrasonic Cold Fusion hair extensions machine. This is my Show and Tell. I am explaining and showing what the machine looks like and how it is used for those of you who may have been wondering or wanting to see a better visual other than the pictures that are online.

About this Content & Creator:
Denyce is narrating this Show and Tell video visual for you. She is an American Entrepreneur, Self-made Manufacturer, and Online Content Creator.

Where can I get an Ultrasonic Fusion hair extensions machine?
You can get this machine here:
http://www.myluxury1st.com or

What is a keratin iron?
A hair tool that fuses strand by strand hair extensions.

What is an Ultrasonic hair machine?
An Ultrasonic hair machine is a hair tool which fuses hair extensions to regular hair with little to no heat.

What is an Ultrasonic hair extensions machine used for?
To connect cold fusion hair extension bonds.

What is cold fusion?
Hair extensions attached strand by strand without using heat.

Any other questions or inquires may be directed to:


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