Ombre hair is not 100% Virgin hair


25% Virgin human hair can be seen at the top where the weft starts. It has been dip-dyed to an Auburn, Burgundy type color and then to a Dark Blond at the bottom. It is NOT 100% virgin human hair; it is only about 25% virgin because 75% of the hair has been processed to achieve the color seen in this video.

About the Content and Creator:
This content is narrated by Denyce, an American Entrepreneur, Self-made Manufacturer, and Online Content Creator. She is sharing a quick visual show and tell stating how this hair is not all 100% Virgin human hair because it has clearly been dip dyed and processed. Some Chinese sellers are stating 100% Virgin hair when the hair is not. If you do not know this, then you have been fooled.

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What is Virgin hair?
Hair that has not been dyed, colored, or processed.

What is dip-dyed hair?
Hair that has been dipped about half way, and or bleached, then dyed to achieve the colored you are viewing now.


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